Thursday, 1 December 2016

Top 6 Must Use Technologies for Your Call Center Operation

Every one of us is aware of the working of the call center. It is a place, where customers call in large numbers to get their queries solved. 

In today’s times, a contact center is a window to your business firm. It is of utmost necessity to have a highly efficient call center for solving your customers’ worries. The calling Agents use Call Center Software Solutions to solve these queries in a hassle-free manner at the earliest without any inconvenience to them.

The primary challenge before any call center is to tackle the problems of multiple queries at a time. Not every calling agent is adept at it. Thus, it is extremely necessary for a calling Agent to install call center software and manage several calls on a 24x7 basis.

Call Center Technology - Features at a Glance

1.    Automatic Call Distributor (ACD): This is the latest technology, which helps the agent to manage multiple calls while he or she is already speaking to someone else. 

The Outbound Call Center Software offers a unique predictive dialing feature to the chatting agent, which assists him to make a callback to the customers in a time-bound manner.

2.    Skip Busy Signals: The Outbound Calling Software comes preloaded with this feature. It helps the chatting agent to know when a telephone line is disconnected or a busy tone is given. 

Therefore, it saves a lot of time of the agent from manually checking if the caller is still in call or already disconnected.

3.    Call Recording and Monitoring: Earlier, very few call centers could provide this opportunity to its staff. However, in the last few years, most of the call centers can now get accessed to this feature by using the Best Call Center Software

This computerized tool helps the agent track all calls, and monitor them accordingly. If required, the agent then issues a support ticket to the callers depending on the magnitude of their problems.

4.    Proper IVR Management: Every call center puts an astute IVR (interactive voice response) strategy in place to make sure that the customers are overall happy with the response of the chatting agent. 

The Best Telemarketing Software comes with several advantages, including IVR. For example, without going through different processes, a customer can dial a single predefined number to connect an agent. 

Moreover, this feature allows a soothing music on the background to play instead of the irritating buzz sound to indicate that the agent is busy.

5.    Speech Analytics Mechanism: It is definitely very difficult to assume what a caller has in mind when he dials a call center. This tool is available with the Cloud Customer Service Software, which makes it easy for the agent to know what kind of queries the caller is set to ask him. 

For example, a customer might be having a complaint regarding a product, but instead of listening to the same, the agent keeps on telling him the latest offers, then obviously, it will seriously annoy him. Thus, this tool can be extremely handy and beneficial to avoid such an embarrassing situation.

6.    Less Hardware and Wires: This is the basic reason why business owners are so much attracted to hire an independent calling agent. A few years back, whenever we could think of call center, the same pictures of lots of telephones, earphones, wires and computers come to our mind. 

However, the situation has changed a lot. For day-to-day calling operation, the calling agent now just needs a telephone, laptop and a good Internet connection. Customer Contact Center Software Solutions provide several networking features, which make setting up a call center an easy process now.

Briefly, we can say that calling operation has taken a sea change over the last few years. Thanks to the latest software and advanced calling technology, this now makes call center functioning very effective and a pleasant experience altogether.

Apart from just solving customers’ queries, contact center also serves as a knowledge hub for the callers to learn many facts regarding products, rules and new technology. 

The pre-installed Cloud Contact Center Software helps the agent disseminate many important facts to the customers to educate them more about the firm’s new product, service, and technology.

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